Looking forward to iDocQ2015

iDocQ 2015 (Information Science Doctoral Colloquium)

22 June 2015

Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen Business School)

Since 2011 the partner universities of the ESRC Scottish Graduate School of Social Science information science pathway have hosted an annual doctoral colloquium (iDocQ). This is aimed at students studying for PhDs in information science and other related disciplines. This year’s event takes place on Monday 22nd June 2015 at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. The event is suitable for doctoral students at all stages of their studies and will offer attendees the opportunity to showcase their work to leading academics, researchers and other doctoral candidates.

The 2015 programme will include:

  • A keynote presentation
  • ‘One Minute Madness’ presentations
  • Break-out sessions for different stages of the doctoral journey
  • Question Time, where students will be able to anonymously ask questions of the academic pathway members

One minute madness presentations are a chance for delegates to present a 60 second verbal sketch of their research project. The project can either be recently completed, in progress, being planned, or for which funding, collaborators or participants are being sought. Equally, delegates are also invited to voice particular opinions and/or concerns about the LIS research landscape, and are free to choose how they address the question: this could be done in a humorous, entertaining, serious or informative manner – or even all of these at once! Please indicate whether you would like to participate in delivering a OMM presentation at iDocQ 2015 and we will contact you for further details. (see the following page for more details on the ‘One Minute Madness’ presentation format http://lisresearch.org/conference-2010/about-the-conference/one-minute-madness/)

There will also be a prize for the best presentation.

Further Information

The main contact address for the event is idocq2015@gmail.com. Contact details for the individual committee members are listed on the recently launched website for this year’s event, which can be found at: https://idocq.wordpress.com/

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